Our daughter has been at Austin Play Garden since she was 3 months old, and we couldn’t possibly be happier. Here are a few things we love about APG:

1) The teachers are so loving, engaged, and supportive.
2) The kids spend lots of time playing and exploring outside.
3) The staff are all experts on early childhood development, and they really view play as the best way for young children to learn about their world. They take play time very seriously!
4) There’s lots of open space inside for the babies and toddlers to explore and play. When appropriate, the toddlers and babies are able to interact with each other like a little community. I think my daughter has benefited so much from spending time playing with and observing the toddlers, who are all so sweet to her.
5) I appreciate how thoughtfully the teachers approach constantly modifying the room to fit the changing needs of the kids as they grow.
6) Most importantly of all, my daughter has a big smile on her face when she sees her teachers in the morning, and is just as happy in the afternoons when I pick her up.

I love knowing that my girl is in such good hands. We couldn’t possibly be happier with Austin Play Garden.


When I needed to find a childcare program for my son, I felt so lucky to find Austin Play Garden as they were first opening. The staff is absolutely wonderful, the classes are small and have a great child:teacher ratio. And my son loves being there, which is the best feeling as a parent- to know your kid is happy to be where they are learning and supported!