The school is warm and welcoming with student work displayed on walls, from ceilings, in windows, and other surfaces. The learning that is occurring should be evident to all those who enter. The classrooms are organized to allow for student exploration, small-group instruction, and interactions with the surroundings.  The environment fosters student’s inquiry and passion for learning while conveying the work and perspectives of the children. Our classrooms are designed so that the students are able to access all materials. Tables, chairs and work areas are customized for the children’s body sizes. Whenever possible, real objects and materials are used. These objects and materials are smaller and made for children to handle. All of this combines to support students’ own relational, aesthetic, and intellectual needs.


We believe that natural play stimulates more diverse and creative development. Our playground aims to create sensory-rich play spaces that stimulate healthy interactions, and offers children space to explore. We use natural resources, gardens, water tables, and sand areas for children to play. Students are free to create art, ride bikes, pretend and move.

Safety & Sanitation

  • While we believe in mixed age classrooms we will also make sure our smallest learners are always in safe situations. Children whose ages differ by 18 months will have separate play areas within our large classrooms.
  • We will also have a no shoe area where the babies play. We know that young children, especially babies, put everything they can in their mouths. We want to make sure their play areas are as clean as possible.
  • We will clean toys on a daily basis and do deep cleans at the end of each week.
  • We have sinks in every classroom so that teachers and students can wash hands after every diaper change and as needed throughout the day.