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(3 yrs.-5 yrs.)

Students are the guiding force in our school community.  Respecting others, the environment, and creating positive relationships are goals that students and teachers are working to maintain everyday.  Focusing on modeling of behaviors, communication and appreciating multiple perspectives will aid students in meeting these goals.

Students are expected to pursue their own interests, and take ownership of their learning.  These expectations are made possible by a project-based curriculum and positive environment.  Long-term inquiry is our main approach to learning.  Leading researchers of the project approach saw the value in projects as a way to “help young children make deeper and fuller senses of events and phenomena in their own environment and experiences” (Edwards, C., Gandini, L., & Forman, G. (Eds.) pg 28).

We believe that if children are given the tools to work with others through play and creation, it sets them up for lifelong success in and out of the classroom.

Teachers at APG view themselves as facilitators of learning.  This is accomplished by observing and working with children at all times. Teachers meet daily to discuss observations and reflect on their practice as educators.  Teachers all share the common belief that students are capable, caring, competent beings (Edwards, C., Gandini, L., & Forman, G. (Eds.) (1998).  This belief enables teachers to create a curriculum that meets the student’s needs and interests.  All staff at APG have “a deep respect for and curiosity about children, an unquenchable curiosity about the teaching–learning process, and a capacity for exploration and innovation.” (New, R. 2007. p 10)


We have created a schedule that allows for learning and play to flow freely.  Students are given long, uninterrupted blocks of time and open-ended materials to engage in.  During these blocks of time small groups of students would be able to work with teachers on their long-term projects.

    • 8:15-9:30               Outdoor Play/Indoor Play (depending on season and weather)
    • 9:30-9:50              Group Time
    • 9:50-10:00            Snack
    • 10:00-10:30          Student Directed Play
    • 10:30-11:30           Outdoor Play
    • 11:30-11:45           Wash hands/potty/diaper changes
    • 11:45-12:15           Lunch
    • 12:15-2:00             Nap Time
    • 2:00-2:30               Table Activities/potty/diaper changes

After School

Our after-school program is available to enrolled students in our programs.

Monday-Friday: (2:30 pm -5:30 pm) for an additional fee based upon availability.